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The Center offers field trip opportunities for all ages and groups (preschool, grades K-12, home schools, seniors, Scouts, camps, etc.), with funding generously provided by the California Arts Council. Engage your students’ creativity in the visual and performing arts disciplines with Art Discovery Field Trips. All opportunities can be customized to the classroom’s current curriculum, and will incorporate both Common Core, as well as Visual and Performing Arts State Standards. Browse the various programs listed below or contact the Education Department for unique visits to the Center that cater to your group’s specific needs (additional fee may apply).

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For questions or bookings, please contact Education Program Coordinator, Laurissa Rudgers, at (760) 839-4176 or


Students will explore and appreciate art and culture in a docent-led tour of one of our exciting museum exhibitions. Add on a 50-minute art lesson exploring exhibition-related techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. Grades: K-12


Creative expression will be encouraged through a variety of dance activities. Students will explore the art of music-infused movement and become acquainted with fundamental dance movements and terminology. Grades: K-5


Students will explore various theater techniques, including character building, improvisation, dialogue, set design, and story-to-stage adaptation. Add on a 50-minute backstage theater tour (based on availability), where students can take a closer look at lighting, audio, and stage setup. Grades: 6-12


Students will learn about rhythm, tone, dynamics, and tempo with a hands-on music exercise. Through the power of collaboration, even first-timers will be making music after this one-hour lesson! Age-appropriate instruments will be provided. Grades: K-3


Combine any of the above arts disciplines for a multi-disciplinary day! Or combine an arts discipline with a core subject or topic from your classroom. Suggested pairings:

  • Art & Music
  • Dance & Math
  • Art & Tableaux
  • Dance & Theater


Continue your arts education with a tour of our museum exhibition, backstage theater tour, or art workshop! Adult rates apply.


Art, dance, drama, and music activities are $4 per student (with a 12 person minimum). Museum Tours for grades K-12 are $35 per class up to 35 students. Additional charges may be applied for a larger group. Adult tours are offered at the regular museum admission price of $5-8.

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