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Grandmaster Flash
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Grandmaster Flash

Presented by the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. 

Venue: Great Green


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Don’t miss this immersive evening of hip hop culture as the California Center for the Arts, Escondido and Grandmaster Flash bring together the 4 elements of hip hop.

Rappers // DJs // Street Art // B-Boys


One of Hip-Hop’s original innovators, musician and DJ, Grandmaster Flash!

Emerging from the South Bronx in the early 1970’s, Grandmaster Flash has manipulated music by placing his fingers on the vinyl, perfecting beat looping, and discovering many of the most iconic beats still commonly sampled today.

He is also responsible for assembling one of the earliest and greatest rap groups, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. They began their career performing at parties and shows, receiving recognition for their skillful raps. The group pioneered MCing, freestyle battles, and invented some of the staple phrases in MCing. Grandmaster Flash also invented the technique initially called “cutting,” which was later developed by Grand Wizard Theodore into scratching. The community at the Bronx Museum of the Arts has honored Grandmaster Flash with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive contribution to music and Hip-Hop culture.

From his electric shows, to his production role on Netflix’s The Get Down, Grandmaster Flash is at once a historian, a storyteller, and a cultural force. This live show will be a celebration of Hip-Hop’s most formative decade.


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VIP Admission // Includes 2 complimentary drinks, late night snack buffet, reserved premium parking, reserved premium table seating, indoor restrooms, and a commemorative VIP laminate.

Buy tickets at the Center ticket office, or by calling 800.988.4253. The ticket office is open Tue. – Sat. 12 – 6 PM, and Sun. 12–5 PM.

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