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Shen Yun 2020 – 5,000 Years of Civilization Reborn
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Shen Yun 2020 – 5,000 Years of Civilization Reborn

San Diego Falun Dafa Association  

Venue: Concert Hall

$80 - $210*

* Fees will be assessed on phone and online orders. Learn more...

Shen Yun invites you to travel back to the magical world of ancient China. Experience a rich heritage through the incredible art of classical Chinese dance, and see legends come to life. Shen Yun makes this possible by pushing the boundaries of the performing arts, with a unique blend of stunning costuming, high-tech backdrops, and an orchestra like no other. Be prepared for a theatrical experience that will take your breath away!

Shen Yun premieres a brand-new production every year. Unfortunately, Shen Yun cannot be seen in China today. Some people fly from China or drive hundreds of miles to see it. Others see the same performance five or six times. Sold-out performances and standing ovations at the world’s top theaters have made Shen Yun a global phenomenon. Why? Many say there are no words to describe it—you have to experience Shen Yun yourself!

Exquisitely beautiful. An extraordinary experience for us and the children.


Exciting to watch and really inspirational!


Really out of this world!  There is no word to describe it…If I had to, the words might be ‘divine,’ ‘reborn’ and ‘hope’.


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Children must be at least 5 years old to be admitted. No babies or lap-sitting admitted.

Group tickets may be available for some performances. Call 1-888-973-7469 or email questions to

No photography or video permitted.

Buy tickets online (below), or at the Center ticket office, or by calling 800.988.4253. The ticket office is open Tue. – Sat. 12–6 PM, and Sun. 12–5 PM.

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