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The Nutcracker
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The Nutcracker

Presented by GC Dance Company 

Venue: Concert Hall


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It’s bedtime, on the most magical night of the year.  Mrs. Stahlbaum is reading, An American Tale, to her imaginative daughter Clara.  Clara’s mind reels with thoughts of America in the 1940’s.  In a magical dream, Clara is transported to another possible history.  She experiences all the excitement at the holiday annual party.  All of Clara’s friends and their families seem to all come from different regions of the new world.  Clara and her brother Fritz however, are most excited to see their mysterious Uncle Drosselmeyer.  Drosselmeyer arrives with a huge box containing a magical gift for his favorite niece.  This is not his only treat, Drosselmeyer, has also brought dolls that can come to life.

Unable to sleep, Clara tiptoes down to the dark room and is soon surrounded by large mice.  The room seems to have grown a life-sized version of her Nutcracker doll comes to life.  The Mouse Queen reveals her presence.  The Nutcracker Prince musters his toy infantry and the cavalry.  A huge dance battle takes place.  Just as the Mouse Queen is about to overpower the Nutcracker, Clara distracts her, allowing the Nutcracker to strike the winning blow.

In celebration of the mouse queen defeat, the Queen of the Snow Kingdom and her subjects send Clara and the Prince to the New world.

Arriving on the American shores, of the Liberty Bells & Hollywood Fairy welcome them.  The Hollywood Fairy has invited representatives from all over to dance in honor of Clara and the Prince’s arrival.  Clara is introduced to stylish San Franciscans, Hawaiian Beauties, Fast-moving New Yorkers, Demure Midwesterners, hospitable Southern Belles and spicy Miami Divas.

All too soon the dancing ends and suddenly Clara finds herself in the arms of her loving mother.  Clara desperately tries to tell her beloved mother of her adventure but the proof and memories are fading away, like magic.

Can it all have been just a dream?


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