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How well do you think you know The Center?  We’re kicking off 2021 hoping to get to know you better – but we thought we’d share first!  Want to play a little CCAE trivia?  Check out these interesting facts about the California Center for the Arts, Escondido!

Did you know the Museum hosts 4 to 6 different art exhibitions each year?

Yep, that means at least one exhibition every season of the year! The Museum’s goal is to provide North County San Diego with access to relevant, thought-provoking, and wide-ranging pieces that highlight the contemporary artworks and artists of the California region.

But what does that all really mean? We’re glad you asked!  It means:

  • We believe art goes beyond entertainment.  More specifically, we believe that art can shift perspectives, and change lives.
  • As much as we love to old guys who painted centuries ago, we like to celebrate art from artists that are living and creating today!
  • We love – and I mean *love* – local artists!  They live among us and experience our communities as we do.  On top of all that, they bring life to our communities when we need a bit of a lift.

Did you know the Museum celebrates local artists?

At The Center, we’re big on community.  It’s important to us to recognize the contributions our friends, family, and neighbors make to the vibrant fabric of our home.

We make it a point to collaborate with expert artists in our own backyard.  Whether its a lecture, a workshop, or a full exhibition, we love presenting the fine work of artists how know and enjoy our community along with us.

You might be wondering why this matters to us so much!  Well here it is: we believe community matters.  More specifically, we believe connected communities matter – and art is often the bridge that helps us become connected.  When we understand each other’s experiences, perspectives, fears, and joys, we realize that we’re really all the same inside and that we need each other.

Check out the footbridge mural from when we hosted the World of Frida exhibition, painted by local Escondido artist, Katie Gaines.

Did you know we have a full wall in the Museum dedicated to showcasing student art?

Just as much as love featuring local artists, we also love handing over the spotlight to our community’s emerging artists!  Art education is one of the many things we take pride in at The Center – it’s part of our mission to help students in our community discover the wonders of art!

The Student Art Wall features pieces from students from elementary school all the way to high school.  Students are encouraged to create using different styles and techniques, while also inflecting their own individuality into their pieces.



About the California Center for the Arts, Escondido 

A 501(c)3 charitable organization, the Center’s creation was sparked by a civic vision—one that recognized the vital role that the arts play in strengthening and uniting the community. Our commitment to enriching lives and improving access to the arts, especially for low-income individuals and families, is exemplified through our extensive educational programming and robust series of free community events. The Center is guided by an enthusiastic Board of Trustees and passionate staff who are dedicated to furthering arts education and access, and to creating programs that provide cultural enrichment for residents of North County and beyond.

You can join this inspiring mission by becoming a donor.  Visit or email to start a conversation about how you or your company can make a difference right here and right now in your arts community.


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