CCAE’s Board Of Trustees Affirms Commitment to Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters Installation

CCAE issues the following statement on behalf Sara Matta, Chair of the CCAE Board of Trustees:

“The CCAE Board of Trustees today convened a special meeting to explore questions that have surfaced about one installation featured in our new exhibition, Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters.

The exhibition features aspects of graffiti, street art, skateboarding, surfing, tattoos, hip hop, breaking, punk, lowriders and custom culture. Since opening last Friday, the exhibition has received an overwhelmingly positive response, although one installation has sparked passionate dialogue.

As a community-serving organization, CCAE has the opportunity to embrace and reflect diverse community viewpoints and bring people together to discover, create and celebrate the visual and performing arts.

Given this responsibility, the Board today met to consider the range of public comments as well as the perspectives of the exhibition curators and artists.

The Board voted to continue CCAE’s support of the Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters exhibition and of the installation in question without removing, covering or otherwise editing it. In conjunction, the Board also committed that CCAE will take a leadership role in brokering private and public discussions among the exhibit curators, artists, City leaders, community groups and others to further public education and foster the respectful exchange of ideas. As these plans are finalized, we will make announcements about ways the public can participate.”

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