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All about Arts Education at the Center

The Center is committed to improving access to the arts, especially for low-income individuals and families by serving over 25,000 K-12 grade students and educators annually through interdisciplinary, culturally inclusive programming in the visual and performing arts. The department’s programs support students in developing constructive, creative pathways for community building, communication, and positive self-expression.

Did you know that our Education department serves schools all around San Diego?

The Education department serves 31 of San Diego County’s 42 school districts; For the 2020-21 school year the Education department is serving 18,000 students K-12th grade.  The Center partners with Blindspot Collective (theater), Outside the Lens, (photography) and ArtReach (visual arts).All are based in Central County but serve all of San Diego County.

Arts Education programs at The Center include:

  • My Story Literacy Through the Arts – Photography/ Theater
  • Taste of the Arts – Photography/ Theater/ Visual Art
  • Arts Discovery – Photography/ Theater/ Visual Art
  • Center StageArts Integration SMUSD—Visual Art
  • SMUSD Videos on Demand; Master Artist Series; Taste of the Arts JCCS – Photography/ Theater/ Visual Art

Did you know that our Education department provides arts training in many different disciplines of art?

The Education department is currently offering all virtual programs which include master classes, residencies, trainings, and workshops in music, theater, storytelling, visual art and media arts.

Our arts education programs blend visual and performing arts with students’ curriculum, where they enjoy the benefits of an integrated, multi-disciplinary educational experience.⁠

In one program, “My Story: Literacy Through the Arts”, 4th-grade students learn California history through theater.⁠  Not only does this give students valuable exposure to the arts, but also helps them retain curriculum better, making them more successful overall as students.⁠

In the 5th grade, “My Story” teaches English language arts through photography. If they are doing a unit on poetry the students will do a poem reflecting on the things in their community that they identify with and then do a photo shoot, say of their favorite street or their community park or a picture of their house.

Did you know that The Center provides arts education programs to at-risk youth?

Our biggest success has been strengthening our connection to communities we serve by creating more culturally relevant and inclusive programs that are bilingual and multicultural. We’ve also made our programs more accessible by increasing the number of free and reduced programs and scholarships offered to schools and families.

Our program “Center Stage” is the oldest program offered, and also serves the Juvenile Court system for K-12 students.  The program gives students an opportunity to experience music, theater, folklore, and exploring topics like cultural inclusion and building compassion.  Performances are held in front of friends & family in a dinner-theater style production, after which students & teaching artists discuss their transformational take-aways from the experience.



About the California Center for the Arts, Escondido 

A 501(c)3 charitable organization, the Center’s creation was sparked by a civic vision—one that recognized the vital role that the arts play in strengthening and uniting the community. Our commitment to enriching lives and improving access to the arts, especially for low-income individuals and families, is exemplified through our extensive educational programming and robust series of free community events. The Center is guided by an enthusiastic Board of Trustees and passionate staff who are dedicated to furthering arts education and access, and to creating programs that provide cultural enrichment for residents of North County and beyond.

You can join this inspiring mission by becoming a donor.  Visit or email to start a conversation about how you or your company can make a difference right here and right now in your arts community.


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