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Fusion’s FAB 5

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presented by Fusion Dance Solana Beach 

Venue: Concert Hall


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Fusion’s Fab 5 consists of 2 ticketed events.

  • 4:30pm is general admission seating for the 1st act (all tickets $21) Teddy Bear Ballet, Preschool Acro, 3-4yo Classes, 5-6yo Classes
  • 2nd act is reserved seats ($21-$31). Load-in for 2nd show will start immediately after the 4:30pm show ends and theater is cleared (scheduled start time is 5:30pm). All other classes
  • Separate ticket required for both performances. Families with a performer in both shows may present their tickets for the 2nd show at the Box Office and receive a complimentary ticket for the 4:30 performance so they don’t have to pay for 2 shows. Dancers in first act are entitled to a free ticket to sit with their parents paid tickets for Act 2.
  • no service charges on tickets purchased at the CCAE Box Office in person.

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