Future Exhibitions: Nan Coffey: Positively Animated

Nan Coffey: Positively Animated!

June 10, 2023 - November 5, 2023

Nan Coffey is a San Diego based artist with a background in animation. She has developed a stylized design aesthetic and freeform methods to promote connectivity, inclusivity, and love while drawing inspiration from her childhood obsessions with music, cinema, television, and pop culture. Her work often references her deep appreciation for Rock n’ Roll, craft breweries, and Southern California subcultures. Her style, which she calls “Art All Over,” makes use of surfaces that extend beyond the traditional canvas. In her signature bold and dynamic designs, she takes advantage of the entire surface of her chosen canvas, at times painting motifs that span hundreds of square feet.

Coffey holds a BA in Animation from the San Francisco Academy of the Arts, and since 2015, has incorporated public participation into her practice. In her audience participation paintings, she seeks to learn about others by listening and connecting with her online community, asking questions and incorporating their responses into the paintings. Coffey is motivated by the connections made with people while using her work to focus on inclusivity in a joyful and playful style.

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