Past Museum Exhibitions: 2010: Multiple Spring Exhibits

February 13 – July 4, 2010

Chimerica Dreality

By Seth Augustine

One’s naturally accepted culture, society, habitat and political sphere can seem invisible until pressed up against a disparate culture and its methods or histories. Based on his recent experiences in China, American born artist Seth Augustine has created a body of work that presents a visual and audible cacophony, a complex hybrid of China and the United States. This precariously balanced relationship is exposed through a fusing of similarities and divergences that exist between the two cultures. Chimerica Dreality explores the misconceptions and complexities between past condition, present configuration, and future desire of the American-Chinese interplay. Augustine urges contemplation of the varied worldviews existing in both countries, as well as encourages hands-on engagement that highlight issues of public health, government power and control, illegal migration, and the blurring of public and private spheres.

Material Matters

Featuring Selected Works by Allied Craftsmen

A photo of Poston, an art piece by Wendy Maruyama, from the Spring 2010 Material Matters exhibition at the Center for the Arts.Material Matters showcases work by 23 members of Allied Craftsmen, a juried organization founded over 50 years ago comprised of nationally and internationally recognized artists currently living and working in the San Diego area. Their multi-media work is presented as immersive installations, engulfing the viewer in a visceral experience of both material and object. Each artist pursues their inspiration through innovative process and unconventional design using materials such as wood, clay, wire, fabric, metal, gold and silver.

Chance & Circumstance

By Anne Mudge

A photo of Niche, an art piece by Anne Mudge, from the Spring 2010 Chance & Circumstance exhibition at the Center for the Arts.Born in Pennsylvania and currently living and working in Elfin Forest, California, Anne Mudge has been creating and exhibiting artwork for over 40 years. Her most recent series articulates the contextual and open-ended balance between chance and circumstance, creating a visual poetry that defies linear expression and invites the viewer to participate in the construction of meanings and associations. Fluid and elegant yet full of tension and strength, Mudge‘s hanging and wall oriented structures contort, bend and weigh within the space, interacting with each other and their surroundings through their size, shadows and delicate placement. She binds, wraps and entwines materials such as masking tape, wire, cotton cording and asphaltum into bodies that waver between sparse linearity and intricate accumulation.

The California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum would like to extend our profound thanks to the following people and organizations for their support of these exhibitions:

  • SDG&E a Sempra Energy Utility
  • Wells Fargo
  • The Samuel I. and John Henry Fox Foundation at Union Bank
  • The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
  • Stone Brewing Co.

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