Past Museum Exhibitions: 2014: Contemporary Constructions

Matthew & Iris Strauss Family Foundation

January 22 – February 22, 2014

“These exhibitions let viewers connect the dots to discover relationships between collectors and artists, the process of production, as well as the necessity of relationships in supporting art creation.” – Wendy Wilson, curator

As a part of the our 20th anniversary, we welcome the return of contemporary art to the Center with two extraordinary exhibitions presented concurrently in our museum! In our Gallery Two, Contemporary Constructions: Matthew & Iris Strauss Family Foundation highlights contemporary artists from around the world in a diverse and thought-provoking collection. Committed to making their collection available to museums, universities and public art institutions around the world, the Matthew & Iris Strauss Family Foundation collection consists of ‘hot off the press’ new works by Elliott Hundley, Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Fred Wilson, Nelson Leirner and more!

View art from the perspective of a collector who wants to “look at art differently.” Including multinational contemporary artwork from the 1970s to the present, this gallery overflows with large-scale artwork that constructs visual stories and deconstructs societal norms.

Artists in the exhibition:
Chema Alvergonzales
José Bedia
Mel Chin
Inka Essenhigh
Ralph Fleck
Cosima von Bonin
Raúl Guerrero
Elliott Hundley
Jörg Immendorff
Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick
Nelson Leirner
Jean Lowe
Markus Lupertz
Fabian Marcaccio
Faris McReynolds
Sarah Morris
Asma Shikoh
Doug & Mike Starn
Fred Wilson
Sam Taylor Wood
Yin Xiuzhen

In the Studio: Artist Dialogs

In our Gallery One, go ‘behind the scenes’ in the art world with In the Studio: Artist Dialogs! Enjoy an in-depth look into the life of studio artist assistants, how they collaborated with some of the 20th Century’s most influential artists and the brilliance behind their very own masterpieces. Explore the studio life of these artists as they share stories about the artistic process and the dynamic relationships between artist, assistant and artwork.

Artists in the exhibition:
Raúl Guerrero in the studio with Ed Kienholz and Sam Francis
Shane Guffogg in the studio with Ed Ruscha
Lyn Horton in the studio with Sol LeWitt and Douglas Heubler
Peter Phillips in the studio with Eleanor Antin
Roy David Rogers in the studio with Eleanor Antin and Francoise Gilot

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