Past Museum Exhibitions: 2020: Endangered: Exploring California’s Changing Ecosystems

Endangered: Exploring California’s Changing Ecosystems

January 11 – March 8, 2020

This exhibition focuses on artworks that address the wonder and destruction of local flora and fauna throughout California. An interactive and educational contemporary art exhibition, Endangered, brings greater awareness to the current environmental issues in California. With more biodiversity and imperiled plants and animals than any other region in North America, California is challenged by climate change, human population expansion, habitat fragmentation, land development, and pollution, among other concerns.

Working with 20 Southern California artists, local scientists, students, and eco-conscious organizations this exhibition presents evidence of the dramatic changes happening in our local environment and encourages dialogue on how the public can participate in finding and implementing positive solutions.

Featured artists: Kim Abeles, Stephanie Bedwell, Kira Carrillo Corser, Michelle Kurtis Cole, Jeanne Dunn, Michael Field, Stacie Birky Greene, Adriene Hughes, Qinqin Liu, Margaret Noble, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Jen Trute, Ruth Wallen, Gail Roberts, Bridget Rountree, Debb Solan, Anna Stump, Cheryl Tall, and Rebecca Webb.

This exhibition was guest curated by Danielle Deery, Freelance Curator and former Curator and Director of Exhibits at Oceanside Museum of Art.

Finding Heaven in Hellhole Canyon

January 11 – March 8, 2020

This fundraising exhibition highlights artworks inspired by the beauty of open space. Local artists depict images of Valley Center’s Hellhole Canyon and the flora and fauna that inhabit the landscape. This exhibition includes the work of 14 local artists advocating for the preservation and enjoyment of California’s natural environment.

Featured artists include: Cathy Carey, Andrew Connelly, Matthew Dimakos, Dennis Ellman, Joe Garcia, Elaine Harvey, Dori Johnsen, David Miller, Bonnie Rinier, Barbara Scharnau, Julie Schneider-Ljubenkov, Tom Tiedeman, Gloria Warren, and Sandy Zelasko

Top Left Image: Jen Trute, Life in Balance, oil on linen, c. 2005, 36 x 24 in. // Bottom Right Image: Barbara Scharnau, Hell Creek in Spring, mixed media, 2019, 24 x 30 in.


Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Our Conservation Woes: A Lecture by Bill Toone

Local conservationist Bill Toone gives an in-depth understanding of the current conservation issues facing San Diegans, including, climate change, biodiversity, wildlife, and the human impact on local habitats.

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Endangered Gallery Walk and Talk

Walk through of the exhibition with the curator, Danielle Deery, as she discusses the exhibition and the relationship between artists and activism.

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Hike the Canyon

Joaquin Aganza, Friends of Hellhole Canyon’s President, provides a guided hike through Hellhole Canyon. This is a free, fun event for avid hikers. Contact the Friends of Hellhole Canyon for more information.

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