Support Your Arts Community!: Membership: Join or Renew

Membership means something different to each of us.

As an art-lover, it may be a stimulating conversation among friends at a museum opening.  As an avid concertgoer, it could be early access to the best seats. For some in our community, it is the pride in being a card-carrying member and showing your support over the years.

We each value something different but come together to create a greater impact. As a member, you open doors for aspiring artists, make free community events flourish, and bring children to the edge of their theater seat in excitement. Today you are keeping the arts alive through new virtual programming we are providing to students when they need outlets of creative expression most.

The Center offers one-time and monthly payment options to give you more flexibility with your membership payments –  while enjoying all of the benefits.

Become a Member:

Becoming a member at the Center for the Arts is a gift that gives back in countless ways. With your yearly financial support of $60 or more, you’ll enjoy a variety of member-only benefits, including:

  • Exclusive access to member pre-sale before the general public
  • Invitation to Museum opening receptions
  • Free Museum admission and 10% off Museum gift shop
  • Exclusive “Art + Sound” Newsletter

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