About the Center: Administration and Staff

Meet the team!


  • Jerry Van Leeuwen, Executive Director
  • Rachel Kestner, Associate Executive Director
  • Vanessa Garcia, Director of Human Resources
  • Judith Godoy, Office Manager

Central Operations

  • Ernie Valverde, Facilities Manager
  • Michael Wright, Operations Manager

Conference Center Sales

  • Karen Cleland, Director of Conference Sales
  • Terri Thomas-Fry, Sr. Catering Sales Manager
  • Coby Thompson, Sr. Catering Sales Manager

Front of House

  • Carlos Crespo, Front of House Manager


  • Jennifer Urbano, Director of Marketing

Museum and Education

  • Sherehe Hollins, Director of Education
  • Beth Marino, Director of Museum & Visual Arts
  • Mikee Ferran, Museum Exhibition and Visual Arts Manager


  • Heather Disher, Director of Philanthropy

Technical Production

  • Rob Collier, Director of Technical Production
  • Benjamin Mann, Technical Production Manager

Theater Operations and Sales

  • Julianna Crespo, Director of Performing Arts
  • Rosemary Soto, Theater Sales Manager
  • Monica Paniagua, Theater Sales Manager
  • Jordan Beck, Managing Producer of Theatrical Productions
  • Jeremy Scott Lapp, Artistic Director of Theatrical Productions
  • Bruce Labadie, Programming Consultant
    (brucelabadie@yahoo.com | 831.704.7435)

Ticket Office

  • Jason Danio, Ticket Office Manager

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