CCAE Theatricals

CCAE Theatricals is the resident theater at California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

CCAE Theatricals, Inc.

CCAE Theatricals, Inc. is based in Escondido, California and is driven by a mission to preserve, strengthen, and advance Musical Theater as a social and cultural platform by nurturing compelling, high-caliber theatrical artistry. As both a laboratory for theatrical exploration and a producer of plays that expand the boundaries of theatrical form, we support innovative projects that are aesthetically, thematically, and methodologically diverse for diverse audiences.

The Dorris Staples Theatrical Conservatory was established as a workforce development program for aspiring theater professionals in response to the urgent need for representation within historically elite theater spaces. Thanks to the generosity of the David T. and Dorris E. Staples Foundation and the Conrad Prebys Foundation, the program creates pathways and expands access to careers in theater arts as a means to ensuring the industry belongs to everyone.

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