Community Events

Through community events, we harness the power of arts, culture, and creativity to transform spaces and empower communities. These events are brought to you barrier free through a partnership with the City of Escondido, County of San Diego and the Linden Root Dickinson Foundation. For information on how you can contribute to helping to make our community a better place to live, contact Jesse in the Community Advancement Department.

Become A Vendor

Step into the heart of our vibrant community by becoming a vendor at our free special events! Your presence at these festivals is not just a stall; it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. The joyous atmosphere, with attendance ranging from 5k to 20k depending on the event, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Imagine your products or services becoming an integral part of the festivities, bringing smiles to faces and creating lasting memories. This isn’t just an invitation; it’s a chance to be a cherished contributor to our nonprofit organization’s commitment to community enrichment.


Música en la Plaza – Last Friday of each month April – September

Música En La Plaza is a free community event presented by The California Center for the Arts, Escondido Foundation. Nestled within the Lyric Courtyard, this starlit monthly concert series offers an unforgettable cultural experience that celebrates the vibrant heritage of Latin rhythms. Our carefully curated lineup of talented local musicians and performers ensures a diverse and rich musical journey, from salsa and merengue to cumbia and bachata. Beyond the melodies, these monthly gatherings cultivate pathways for the community to access the arts, fostering a sense of unity and connection through music and dance and reliably draws between 300-600 patrons of all ages. VIP tickets available for each show.

Independence Day Celebration – July 4

A day of patriotic arts and activities, and of course, fireworks!  Celebrate with over 20,000 of your fellow community
members with live music on the main stage culminating with a Millatary Band before the city’s spectacular firework display.
Attendance is free for all members of our community. 

Winter Wonderland – First weekend of December

Every year, the California Center for the Arts, Escondido Foundation brings the North Pole to the heart of Escondido. Children will have the chance to frolic in real snow, create winter-themed arts and crafts, and visit with Santa Claus himself. Food and drink will be available to warm your hands and hearts, and a number of local businesses will be displaying their wares for your holiday shopping needs. Admission is FREE!

Día De Los Muertes – Nov. 1

Share in the tradition of honoring and remembering loved ones through altars, music, art, activities, and a local artisan market. This annual celebration draws over 5,000 community members in one day for this magical and powerful tradition.  This is a free community event.