Technical Internships

Creating professional career opportunities in the Theater Arts

The Technical Internship Program at the California Center for the Arts offers aspiring theater technicians a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of live performances, gaining hands-on experience, mentorship from industry professionals, and the chance to be part of creating unforgettable moments that shape the cultural landscape of our community.

The Stage Technical Intern Program was created at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido in January of 1997 by Bruce Beers and Donna J. Flor.  In the years since the program’s inception over 100 interns who have had a chance to explore and experience the world of technical theater.  The program is a 1000+ hours in duration and gives its participants the chance to engage with different aspect of technical theatre including:

  1. Basic theatrical lighting skills including the hanging and circuiting of lighting instruments.
  2. The operation and programing of a computerized lighting board.
  3. Basic theatrical sound skills including the set up and cabling of audio set ups.
  4. The operation of a computerized sound board.
  5. The use of a theatrical single purchase fly system both for event set up and live use doing events.
  6. The set up and use of live video playback systems.
  7. General maintenance and upkeep of live theatre lighting, sound, and fly systems.

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