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Support Your Arts Community!

At the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, we make artistic memories for over a quarter of a million people annually. From our performing arts shows to Museum exhibitions, free community festivals, and conference center events, our community connects here through the arts, bringing us closer together.

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In our 2016-17 season, you helped us grow our thriving arts community by supporting:

  • 40+ free community events where families can experience the arts together
  • 100+ education programs, often serving as the only arts education local students receive
  • a wide array of performing arts shows for over 120,000 patrons, nurturing and inspiring the artists of tomorrow

Because of your support, our arts community continues to thrive, but we must do more to connect everyone to our diverse arts programs. For the arts to truly be accessible to all, and to nurture future artists, we must reach more youth and more families.

We believe that the arts not only enhance our everyday lives, they help define a culture. We put aside differences and come together as we enjoy something beautiful, intriguing, or up-lifting.  When we appreciate the arts that enthralled audiences throughout the centuries, politics, race, our differences melt away, and for a few wonderful hours at our lovely Center for the Arts, we are united in shared experience, optimism, inspiration and harmony, making memories.

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