Past Museum Exhibitions: 2014: The Art of Fantasia

and Other Disney Classics the David Yaruss Collection

July 26 – September 7, 2014

Enjoy this unprecedented debut of over 250 original Disney animation cels, concept sketches, painted backgrounds and storyboard drawings featuring beloved Disney characters including Pinocchio, Snow White, Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse. Take a step back in time to the Golden Age of Animation, when a single second of animated film required 24 hand-drawn cels.

These masterpieces are generously shared by local San Diego collector, David Yaruss whose passion for collecting was first ignited in 1975 at one of the first Comic-Cons, held in the basement of the El Cortez hotel. Yaruss credits that experience with changing his life forever and kick-starting his passion for collecting original Disney animation art, comics, historical items and books that has grown into a collection he characterizes as “too precious not to share.”

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