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So, maybe you have or haven’t heard of the magnificent Valerie June or the incomparable Gill Landry, but either way, their concert is definitely worth your night. Anyone with a taste for Americana music is going to have a spectacular time listening to their unique, exciting, and heartfelt performances and brand of music.

Perhaps (like me) you love a good concert, but you’re hesitant to purchase tickets because (also like me) you honestly have no idea what the heck Americana music sounds like!

Have no shame, because I was in the exact same boat folks. So I did some research, and according to the Americana Music Association (very official!), the genre of music can be defined in the following manner:


So there you have it! In very general terms, Americana is an eclectic blend of country, rock, blues, and other similar genres of music. Since all of these are great things, I’m sure you’re ready and raring to buy your tickets now!

But there is another issue that always comes up when attending a show, especially for us girls (sorry boys, you’re on your own). The ever-present question of: what do I wear to this event?

The good news is that, because the music genre is so varied and diverse, there are a lot of options as to how to style yourself. However, I know that too many choices sometimes makes the decision that much harder. That’s why I’m going to try to make it just a little bit easier to select your look for the night!

To help me with this, I’ve enlisted the help of Giovanna Lingenfelder, owner of the resale boutique, MIYO, which stands for Make It Your Own!

MIYO is a store on the corner of Kalmia and Grand right here in Escondido. They sell both men’s and women’s apparel and accessories that are inspired by vintage and modern trends. With the help of her family, her business has grown in just a year from an online website with appearances at local markets to a hip and happening space!

Giovanna graciously agreed to help me plan out a few options for the upcoming concert, and although I’m no model I hope they’ll help you to decide on which look you like best for an Americana concert.


#1: Country


If you’re a down to earth country girl, this look is the way to go for you.



The solid, cream color of this long, flowing skirt goes well with the dark flower pattern of this tank top.



It’s paired with chunky brown wedges that are both fashionable and relatively comfortable, while giving a 5’1” girl like me some much needed height.



This outfit is fairly conservative while still being extremely cute! And while accessories are of course optional, a cute hat and purse adds a bit of extra flare!



Or, you could go with tried and true country denim for a more casual look, and spice it up with a fitted patterned shirt, and some open toed heels. (My favorite shoes of the day!)


#2 Blues


If you were “Born Under a Bad Sign” or you like to “Let the Good Times Roll,” then the blues may be the vibe you choose for the night.



It’s hard to go wrong with black, clothing wise, and this ensemble certainly puts the black on black. (Geddit, black on black like Blue on Black? My mom thinks I’m funny…)



If the leather pants, fluffy vest, and tasseled shirt is too much for you, you can always tone the outfit down with a similar vibe, but I think that the tan booties tie these unique elements together well.



The whole look is complemented with this cute hat, which Giovanna and I agree has just enough of a Zorro vibe to give you the confidence you need to take on the world, after the concert that is!


#3 Indie


Since this genre of music is also contemporary, a more modern, indie vibe might be what you’re looking for this evening.



This is a high-waisted, colorfully patterned skirt, with an adorable burnt tan crop top and a clutch to match. The booties are both comfortable and fashion forward, with the added benefit that you can hide comfortable socks inside!



The necklace is an adjustable bolo tie that is perfect for this genre of music! It can be paired with this kimono and newsboy cap if you enjoy that, and at the very least this will keep you cozy warm all night, while also being adorable!


I hope this was helpful, or at the least you were entertained by my attempts at modeling these amazing looks! If you would like to shop for these ensembles or others with the lovely Mrs. Lingenfelder, you can find the information for her store MIYO below.


Now all that is left is to buy your tickets! The concert will be held in the Concert Hall of the California Center For the Arts, Escondido, on November 30 at 7:30 pm. Valerie June is an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose sound encompasses a mixture of folk, blues, gospel, soul, country, Appalachian and bluegrass. Gill Landry is a former member of Old Crow Medicine Show and a founding member of the Kitchen Syncopators. Landry’s latest album, “Love Rides A Dark Horse,” pitches its tent in the four-way intersection between Dylan-inspired folk-rock, atmospheric Americana, dusty cowboy songs and street busker ballads.


I hope to see you all rocking your style at the show!




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Instagram: MIYOMakeityourOwn

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